Environmental Experience – Heating Oil and Underground Storage Tanks

Broadbent has been providing professional Certified Environmental Manager (CEM) services to a large Nevada School District, relative to heating oil underground storage tanks, since 1996. This includes work at numerous facilities, within the past five years. Conducted activities include: preparation of tank removal contractor specifications; contractor bid solicitation; contractor selection; oversight of tank cleaning and removal activities; collection of tank closure assessment samples; and preparation of Tank Closure Assessment Reports. Where impacts (primarily diesel range organics and some MTBE) have been discovered, additional site characterization activities have been conducted, including: Work Plan preparation and implementation; soil boring drilling and soil sample collection (using multiple drilling techniques, including GeoProbe, Hollow stem auger, air rotary, and sonic); soil boring completion as groundwater monitor wells; development and groundwater sample collection; data collection, analysis and compilation; and Site Characterization Report preparation. Where remediation has been required, activities have included: Remedial Action Plan preparation; appropriate permitting; preparation of contractor bid specifications; contractor solicitation and selection; and oversight of remediation activities. Technologies utilized include: soil excavation and off-site disposal; mobile dual phase extraction; enhanced in-situ bioremediation; phytoremediation (use of trees); and monitored natural attenuation. Broadbent has also handled all applications and filings for reimbursement for eligible fees on appropriate projects with the Nevada Petroleum Fund.

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