Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS)

Broadbent’s small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) pilots have experience with a range of drone services across the western United States and overseas. As aerial technology improves, our FAA‐licensed Remote Pilots provide advanced capabilities to support aerial data for your business. Our work is performed efficiently, cost‐effectively, and at the highest industry standards.

We apply our sUAS competencies to:

  • 3D modeling and orthophoto mapping
  • Construction documentation
  • High resolution aerial imagery
  • Plant health assessment
  • Tracking and visualization
  • Volumetric measurement

Our sUAS experience includes:

Federal Contract Construction Documentation

Volumetric measurements and orthophoto mapping at federally funded projects across the western U.S.

Federal Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Development of federal SOPs used for aerial imagery and data collection

Aerial Mapping

  • Industrial/commercial aerial mapping for operations decisions
  • Aerial mapping at abandoned mine lands to identify physical and environmental hazards and document pre/post reclamation construction

3D Analysis

Elevation comparisons for settlement and shifting analysis

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