Water & Wastewater Operations

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Broadbent provides water and wastewater treatment system operation services to a wide range of clientele across the western United States. Our team is comprised of certified operators and licensed engineers that work together to deliver safe and reliable operations. We are known in the industry for our ability to troubleshoot and optimize systems, and we know how to efficiently design and implement modifications when necessary. We also provide emergency response support to restore systems to their original operational state when unforeseen conditions arise.

In addition, we offer specialty operator services for more complex treatment systems employed in various mining and industrial applications. Sulfate Reducing Bioreactors (SRB) and High-Density Sludge (HDS) plants are a few examples.

Our water & wastewater operations services include:

  • Certified operators for potable water distribution and treatment
  • Certified operators for wastewater treatment
  • Modification design and implementation
  • Operation, maintenance, and monitoring of treatment facilities
  • Permit compliance monitoring, sampling, and reporting
  • Regulatory liaison services
  • Troubleshooting and optimization

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