Stack Testing

Broadbent brings great value to our clients by not only offering full-service compliance testing but also engineering test evaluations for new or modified equipment. Our emission/stack testing services are comprehensive, and our testing professionals have decades of experience conducting routine and specialized tests. Each of our team members are OSHA, MSHA, and aerial lift trained, and we have the staff, equipment, and expertise necessary for conducting complex multiple source simultaneous testing programs.

Broadbent also provides odor assessment for ambient community settings. This work helps to quantify the strength of nuisance odors and to map their occurrences in a neighborhood or industrial locale.

Our specific testing capabilities include:

  • H2SO4/SO2, HCl/Cl2, NH3 (Methods 8, 26A, and BAAQMD ST-1B)
  • Metals such as Mercury and Chromium (Method 29)
  • NOx, CO, SO2, CO2/O2 and VOC (Methods 7E, 10, 6C, 3A, and 25A)
  • PAH, Dioxin/Furan, HCl, and HAP
  • PM/PM10/PM5 (Methods 5, 17, 201A and 202)
  • RATA testing for CEMS (Specifications 1 – 4, 6, and 8)
  • Odor assessment utilizing Nasal Ranger®
  • Opacity testing (Method 9)

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