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Broadbent & Associates, Inc. (Broadbent) is an environmental consulting firm founded in 1987 by Bob Broadbent in Boulder City, Nevada. Bob was joined soon after by several other key individuals from larger firms, each searching for a better way to develop employees and help clients succeed. Together, they built a consulting firm led by a broad-based employee ownership group committed to a culture that yields long-term loyalty and a premium client experience.

Through carefully managed growth, our firm has built a robust suite of capabilities covering the western United States. Our company model promotes employee satisfaction and long-term retention, as evidenced by the large number of 20+ year employees with the firm. This experience and longevity offer our clients continuity and institutional knowledge that are rare in today’s business world.

We help our clients define and focus their problems and create solutions that consider client, agency, and public interests with mutual respect and trust. This enables our clients to achieve the highest level of success with an outcome built on common ground.

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