Civil Engineering

Broadbent’s engineers and drafters provide a host of services covering a broad spectrum of projects. We offer premium design and construction services that support clients in areas that are commonly related to our other service areas. Optimization and design improvements in support of water and wastewater operations, environmental assessment for federal permitting of facility expansions and land transfers, and design and construction for abandoned mine land reclamation are a few examples. In these situations, and many others, our engineers provide great benefit to our clients.

We serve as an important team member that comes to the table with perspective that most civil engineering firms do not have. Through decades of environmental experience working for energy, mining, industrial, manufacturing, and government clients, we bring to bear critical understanding of health and safety; field equipment and practices; and regulatory process, personnel, and compliance. Knowing how engineering and permitting interface with environmental aspects of a project enables us to uncover innovative solutions that would not be realized if approached from a single discipline perspective. It is for these reasons we are asked to support our clients and other consulting firms with their engineering projects.

Our Expertise:


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