President’s Message

President’s Message


Welcome to the Broadbent website and thank you for your interest in our company.

Every year or so I update this message as I have done since 2010 when I became President. Since joining Broadbent in 1992, I have seen many rewarding and challenging events, but none more challenging than the COVID-19 Pandemic. Navigating 2020 and 2021 was difficult, but we adapted and met the challenge head-on. We succeeded in keeping our operations and team intact and met our clients’ needs. I am also happy to report that we saw a great recovery in 2021 within the industries we support and within our organization. We have fully resumed our company growth which will continue to expand our ability to help our clients.

Now well into 2022, I am excited on many fronts. We launched a new website that we hope you find informative and user friendly. We also recently made several strategic hires who will supplement our amazing team. They are approachable, responsive, and flexible, qualities which are emphasized in our organization and critical to serving our client base. In recent years, we expanded our geographic footprint throughout the western United States. We are now working in one form or another in almost all states west of the Mississippi. Above all else, we continue to do great work at a fair price.

It has been fascinating for me to watch over the past decade how the consulting industry has changed. I believe a mid-level company of our size is now a rare breed. We have maintained our independence as a small to medium sized firm and resisted acquisition by larger firms or venture capitalists with different goals and motivations. We continue to be owned by a broad-based employee group who perpetuate a culture that supports employee growth through mentoring and goal-oriented programs. It’s not that complicated – happy, motivated, and talented people with opportunity and buy-in will deliver an outstanding product every day. We love our model, and we are sticking with it!

Thanks again for your interest in Broadbent and for visiting our website.

Doug Guerrant










Douglas G. Guerrant, PG, CHG, CEM
Principal Hydrogeologist/President

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