Air Quality Permitting

Broadbent’s team provides top-quality air permitting services in a variety of industries. We generate applications for revisions or expansions of permitted facilities, permit renewals, and ground-up Authority to Construct and General Operating Permit applications for new projects. These situations demand development of control technology analyses, dispersion modeling, and emission quantification assessment, and our specialists have decades of experience performing this work. Our expertise includes both major Class I (Title V) and minor Class II sources and complex sources such as power plants and large industrial facilities. We also prepare monitoring protocol documents and annual reports and emission inventories during annual reporting periods.

Our team routinely performs:

  • Compliance management, reporting, and consulting
  • Control technology assessments
  • Dispersion modeling
  • Emission factor research and development
  • Emission inventory and annual reporting
  • Federal air regulatory program applicability analyses
  • Permit applications, modifications, and renewals
  • Public outreach
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