Broadbent & Associates Inc. Announces New President and Honors Long-Standing Leader

After 13+ years at the helm (and 32+ years with the firm), Broadbent President Doug Guerrant has decided to step down from his role and transition into retirement. To take his place, we are thrilled to announce the promotion of Randy Miller to the role of President. This appointment marks a significant milestone for Broadbent as we elevate one of our own as the fourth Broadbent President to lead the organization into a new era of success.

Randy has been an integral part of the Broadbent family for 30 years, having demonstrated dedication and leadership throughout his tenure. His insight and knowledge of our industry, culture, and clients positions him perfectly to guide our company into the future.

During his time with Broadbent, Randy has consistently displayed a passion for excellence, a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, and a deep understanding of our business operations. His insight into the markets we serve, strong commitment to the tenets established by the company’s original principals, and ability to spearhead key initiatives have driven significant growth and expansion.

As President, and in conjunction with our Board of Directors, Randy will lead Broadbent’s strategic direction, oversee operations, and foster our culture that successfully yields long-term loyalty and premium client experience. His leadership and ability to inspire our talented team will undoubtedly propel us towards even greater success. We congratulate Randy on this well-deserved promotion and look forward to exciting updates and initiatives under his leadership.

As for Doug, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for his invaluable contributions and leadership over the past three decades and long tenure as President. Under his guidance, Broadbent achieved significant milestones, successfully expanded and diversified, and consistently reached or exceeded growth goals. He dedicated his career to promoting the Broadbent brand, managing divisions, clients, and expectations, and genuinely caring for our employees. We have all benefited from his calm, steady, and compassionate leadership. But alas, it is time for him to step back, transition into retirement, and let others direct and manage Broadbent’s future.

During his transition into retirement, Doug will assume the role of Vice President until his current term on the Board is complete (January 2024). He will then remain as a part-time Principal in the company leading special projects, managing key clientele, fostering expansion efforts, and mentoring others. Upon retirement Doug plans to spend more time with his family and lovely wife Martha, and yes, play a little more golf!

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