City of Las Vegas Contracts with Broadbent for the Rafael Rivera Historic Context and Survey

In April of 2022, the National Park Service awarded $1 million in Underrepresented Community Grants to 22 projects across 16 states, the District of Columbia, and Guam. These funds are directed to support identification, planning, and development of nominations for the National Register of Historic Places in order to increase representation of Black, Indigenous, and communities of color listed in the system, according to the National Park Service News Release. $38,336 was awarded to the City of Las Vegas who has in turn allocated funds to research and determine eligibility of historic sites in the Rafael Rivera study area, also known as the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area.

As the Cultural Resource Contractor for the project, Broadbent & Associates, Inc. (Broadbent) will gather information on the historic background of the neighborhood and potential historic resources associated with the Latino community, dating from 1940 to 1969. Broadbent’s Cultural Resource Management team will provide the City with a detailed history of the Study Area, including: connections to the Latino community, digital images and maps depicting the general character of the Study Area, an assessment of the Study Area for a potential historic district, a compilation of resources that may contribute to a potential historic district, and a National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) nomination form for a resource associated with the Latino community.

Broadbent’s project team will consist of:

  • Margo Memmott, M.A., Associate Archaeologist who will supervise the Rafael Rivera Historic Context and Survey and provide quality control and assurance on project deliverables.
  • Lauren King, M.A., Project Manager who will direct research, fieldwork, and reporting for the project.
  • Nicholas Powell, B.S., Senior Staff Architectural Historian who will conduct historical research and fieldwork for the project.
  • Jeramie Memmott, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist who will manage all spatial data for the project.

Learn more about National Park Service (NPS) historic preservation programs and grants and the Underrepresented Community Grant program online.

For more information on Broadbent’s Cultural Resource Management services, visit Cultural Resource Management – Broadbent and Associates Inc (

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