Environmental Experience – Confidential Mine

Broadbent has been working on this project since 2006. The company plays a key role in remediation operations at this historic mine site, a CERCLA site listed by the federal EPA on the National Priorities List (Superfund). Broadbent Reno Division Manager, Randy Miller, was the Project Manager from 2006 – 2010, and is the current Project Supervisor. At the site, the client is responsible for capturing and treating acid rock drainage from three seep/spring locations. Broadbent supports operations at the site by providing operations management, safety management, and system operators to operate the on-site treatment systems including a sulfate reducing bioreactor and high density sludge plant, both of which are designed to collect and treat acid rock drainage at the required locations.

Broadbent was brought onto the site based on their knowledge of the client’s safety program and remediation system operations experience. Prior to Broadbent’s involvement, safety performance on the site by others was poor, and compliance problems resulted in significant EPA fines. Broadbent was tasked with supporting operations and fostering a safety culture to improve operations safety and reliability. Working with other site contractors as a team, Broadbent’s involvement has been vital to achieving a significantly improved safety record; no recordables in the past two years. Broadbent’s operators have also been instrumental in achieving compliant, safe, and reliable operations.

Broadbent’s involvement at the site also includes the following: system operations and maintenance; sludge management including removal, dewatering, and disposal; water sampling; management of winter operations and periodic winter site visits; and general waste handling. Our work performed also includes safety compliance, integrity management, incident case management, HAZID, management of change, sludge management, subcontractor management, agency negotiation and meetings, tracking performance metrics, and technical peer review.

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