How Staff Augmentation Keeps Your Company Moving Forward

Broadbent understands the challenges faced in both the industrial and mining industries as each year brings an increased need for environmental and health & safety professionals. Site expansion, market demand, and ongoing regulatory compliance requirements are the driving forces behind this need. Additionally, current circumstances have left a variety of facilities shorthanded on trained professionals essential for a company to stay afloat. As a result, we continue to support these industries by providing supplemental staff to augment their in-house workforce and facilitate successful teamwork.

So why is staff augmentation sometimes the better choice than using an internal team? Sometimes a project needs an employee with a specialized skill or a dedicated team that simply doesn’t exist within the company or organization already. Instead of hiring temporary staff for work that may not be needed consistently it may prove best to hire a staff augmentation company. Additionally, using staff augmentation can save on operational cost, time, and provide time for a client while they search for a full time employee to fill in the skill gap.

The staff augmentation model provides increased capacity and specialized talent when existing staff can’t cover the current project or service area. Typically, short-term projects are the most ideal for staff augmentation; however, long-term arrangements can be made. Once the decision has been made to hire a firm that offers staff augmentation or outsourcing model options there is an internal process for how the project is to be completed. The managed service or project will need to identify the scope of the work and, ultimately, the goals for the augmented staff.

The Process and Timeline

Typically, a task list is prepared for environmental personnel to complete. The duration of time you often need for support can range from one or two weeks a month to full-time. Therefore, a facility needs staff who will be committed, dependable, and flexible. You need a staff focused on completion of tasks on the list who are not distracted by other demands that are often the responsibility of the in-house workforce. This results in immediate progress on the backlog of work while ensuring you maintain regulatory compliance. A company that offers a staff augmentation service will need to develop a team that can quickly start to work cohesively with the existing team to ensure there are few delays for the specific project at hand.

How We Support You With Staff Augmentation

We provide cordial, competent, trained, certified professionals at various levels (both in the office and field), to augment clients’ existing environmental staff, and scale our support to accommodate changing needs.

Recent examples of Broadbent’s staff augmentation services include providing a team of operators to operate and maintain a water treatment system; review, advise and implement environmental sampling programs; prepare health and safety programs; develop standard operating procedures; provide training; perform inspections; observe visible emission; maintain equipment; and manage environmental data including record keeping and reporting.

We know how difficult it can be to find the right staff. It can make or break your facility’s operations capabilities and deadlines. Broadbent will provide you the best staff to fulfill your needs and ensure your facility continues to successfully function.

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