Jim Steiner
Stack Testing Technical Consultant
Associate Scientist

Jim has over 44 years of professional experience managing source testing and analysis operations. He has a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Windsor (Ontario, Canada). He is unique in that he can oversee multiple test crew operations as well as personally conduct test work. He has taught dozens of testing professionals in the trade over the years and helped develop some of the test methods used in the industry today. He reviews all of Broadbent’s test program protocols, fieldwork, and final reports. Jim’s chemistry background and experience with almost any type of industrial setting and emission control device provides invaluable troubleshooting insight for clients. He has worked in almost every state but extensively for decades in Nevada, California, Arizona, and Hawaii. Mr. Steiner has vast experience with manual EPA Methods 1 through 21, 23, 26/26A, 29, 201A, 202. Over the years, Jim has tested at numerous mines in Nevada (Echo Bay, McDermott, Round Mountain,) and California (Glamis Rand, CR Briggs, Cactus Gold). This includes simple PM/PM10 tests on baghouses, mercury testing on retorts, complete metals emission testing on retorts, SCR NOx/CO/NH3 evaluations on power generators, and RATA on CEMS. When away from work, Jim enjoys golf, bicycling, and NASCAR races.

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