Neil Ellis
SUAS (Drone) Services Manager
Associate Scientist

Neil is an environmental scientist with over 18 years of experience conducting complex public-health risk assessments, time-critical and non-time-critical CERCLA removal actions, and large-scale Federal emergency responses throughout the western United States. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geographic Resource and Environmental Studies from Texas State University. He joined Broadbent in 2017 as part of our northern California team where he serves as an Associate Scientist and is the process of developing a Small Unmanned Aircraft (Drone) Services (sUAS) program for Broadbent.

His experience has allowed him to develop specialized knowledge of Federal regulations under CERCLA and RCRA, as well as California-specific regulations under CCR and CEQA. He has a proven track record of working alongside Federal government leadership; municipalities; petroleum, mining, agriculture, and chemical manufacturing industries; and a wide variety of large and small businesses. His operations management covers a wide range of categories related to strategic planning, staff mentoring and advancement programs, business development, contract and subcontract management, regulatory compliance, and multidiscipline revenue analysis. He is trained in Federal disaster and counterterrorism emergency response and requirements of contingency planning support to State and local communities. Away from work, he enjoys many outdoor activities including traveling, fishing, mountain biking, golfing, camping, water sports, and exploring all the great landscapes California has to offer.

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