Nevada Archaeological Association Annual Meeting

At the end of March, Broadbent sent members of its archaeological team to the Annual Nevada Archaeological Association (NAA) Meeting in Wendover, Nevada. Project Archaeologist Principal Investigator Margo Memmott and Senior Staff Scientist Ashlee Younie both participated in the event.

Ms. Memmott conducted a tin can identification workshop that was open to all NAA members. This workshop was entitled “What Can This Be? A Practical Workshop on Tin Can Identification and Analysis.” It included practical approaches to recording tin cans in the field and focused on teaching attendees basic tin can morphology. A casual and open-forum atmosphere allowed attendees to interact with Ms. Memmott and the hands-on tin can examples. The workshop provided information and insight on how to use tin can data for resource management purposes. For those unable to attend the conference or workshop, please email Margo for a copy of the workshop handout. It includes photos of different can types, descriptions of their distinct morphological traits, and an annotated bibliography.

Ashlee Younie presented a paper that she co-authored with fellow Broadbent team member Justin Gerthoffer. This paper reviewed the utilization of GIS software to investigate site location and frequency based on slope and aspect. The data in this paper was provided, in part, by the Ely BLM and from a Class III survey performed for the BLM by Broadbent in 2014.

The NAA annual meeting was a fantastic opportunity for the Broadbent archaeological team to interact with their peers and clients. We are all looking forward to the next meeting and another opportunity to present.

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