Hidden Cave and Grimes Point Archaeological Area Field Trip

Broadbent’s Reno staff and their families are looking forward to a company field trip to Hidden Cave and Grimes Point Archaeological Area. The tour of Hidden Cave will be conducted by a docent from the Churchill County Museum in Fallon, Nevada. As a part of this outing, Broadbent will make a $500.00 donation to the Churchill County Museum.

Hidden Cave is an archaeological site exhibiting a depth of cultural and natural history that Broadbent families are eager to experience. The cave was first created by the waves of ancient Lake Lahontan 21,000 years ago and then later occupied by humans roughly 3,800 years ago. Just a mile and a half below Hidden Cave is the Grimes Point Archaeological Area. Grimes Point is full of prehistoric rock art, or petroglyphs, possibly dating as early as 8,000 years back. The location also exhibits abstract curvilinear panels and representational designs.

This company field trip will be an opportunity for Broadbent to support an important repository of Nevada’s history and for employees to enjoy an educational morning with family and coworkers.

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