Project Safety – Working in Remote Locations

Broadbent conducts work throughout the western United States. Environmental projects can include work such as operations and maintenance of remediation systems, in remote parts of Nevada, California, Oregon, and other western states. To ensure the safety of employees, emergency packs are stored in vehicles. Field personnel are trained to utilize the contents of the packs to assist themselves, or others.

Vehicle training and defensive driving lessons are provided to field personnel to help prepare drivers for situations such as vehicle malfunction, or facing the ever changing elements of weather. For work at the Leviathan Mine in Alpine County, California, workers under go defensive driver, fatigue management, and mountain driving training programs to prepare them to navigate potentially dangerous, remote mountain roads. These types of mountain roads are often encountered by Broadbent employees. By making sure our employees are prepared for a wide variety of situations and work atmospheres, we provide our clients with an added level of security, not always encountered in the environmental consulting world.

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