The 3 Keys to Environmental Project Management

Broadbent’s success as a firm is demonstrated by our ability to maintain long-term relationships with valued clients. Producing quality results during environmental site investigations, and other projects, is the product of careful attention to three key components of project management (1) adherence to project scope, (2) compliance with budgetary requirements, and (3) meeting schedule obligations.

The result of carefully monitoring these components, during the course of a project, is a quality product delivered to clients on time and on budget; our primary objective as environmental and engineering professionals.

Adherence to a project scope is an often overlooked project component that Broadbent personnel monitor during weekly staff meetings and by maintaining open communication with the client and project staff. Through experience, Broadbent has learned that routine review of project scope aids in keeping work “on-track”, and allows for project staff to focus on necessary work, completing required tasks, and not wasting resources. Adherence to scope allows work to proceed without distractions and avoids uncertainties created when staff or subcontractors may be uncertain of their responsibilities.

At Broadbent, compliance with budgetary requirements is aided by the use of the Axium’s Ajera project management tool. Project managers regularly monitor progress and spend rates, real time, using this software suite.

Depending upon the time allowed for a specific project, Ajera is monitored as needed, but most often it is utilized on a weekly, or even a daily basis, in order to view project spend rates and allocations of project funds.

Meeting scheduling requirements is more easily achieved through careful planning. During work, Ajera tools are utilized for building and monitoring project timelines. These timelines allow for snapshot review of projects, as work progresses.

Decades of company growth are the results of Broadbent’s focus on careful planning and execution of projects. Being able to monitor project scope, budgets and schedules, result in quality products, based upon sound science and a tireless pursuit of quality for our clients and community partners.

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