Wastewater Treatment Companies: Broadbent Provides On Call LUST Services

Broadbent, as a wastewater treatment company, has been providing emergency on-call and non-emergency professional environmental consultant services relative to UST/LUST/Fueling operations for a major truck stop chain since 2006. Although the service area for the client includes all states west of the Mississippi River, Broadbent’s primary focus is providing these services in Nevada, California, Arizona, Texas, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Washington.Work performed includes:

  • State Trust Fund application preparation,
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments,
  • Detailed site characterization assessments,
  • Preparation and implementation of detailed and complex soil and groundwater related Corrective Action Plans;
  • Reporting of UST and non-UST releases;
  • Conduct of routine soil and groundwater sampling and reporting;
  • Emergency response soil cleanup associated with tanker truck releases on interstate highways;
  • Emergency response free-phase product recovery from sedimentation ponds and storm water drains;
  • Oversight of implementation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans;
  • Oversight of storm drain cleanout to ensure permit compliance;
  • And operation and maintenance of water supply and wastewater treatment systems at rural travel centers across the western United States.

Broadbent is currently working on several significant gasoline and diesel fuel releases involving preparation and/or implementation of detailed Corrective Action Plans, including two sites in Winnemucca, Nevada, two sites in northern California (Corning and Dunnigan), and one in west Texas. State Trust/Cleanup funding is being utilized on all five of these sites.

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